Membership Program

Q. Does signing up and becoming a member have any benefits? 

A. It is possible to shop at AIMIE even without having a members account. Except, to customers that do have an account we send emails regarding deals and coupons regularly and we also only accept returns and exchanges from customers that do have a members account.


Q. Can I change the payment method after ordering the item/items?

A. We cannot change the payment method once you have already ordered an item. Please cancel your order and order the item again using your preferred method of payment. If you need any help to cancel an order, please contact us with the Contact Us form. 

Q. What payment methods can I use? 

A. We offer credit card payments, phone payments and convenient store payments. For more information, please review our Shopping Guide Page. 


Q. Can I change my order after my order has already been placed?

A. We cannot change the order once you have already placed an order. Please cancel your order once and re-order the item/items again with the changes that you have made. If you need any help to cancel an order, please contact us with the Contact Us form.

Q. This item does not fit well. Can I return or exchange the item? 

A. We are able to return/exchange items as long as you contact us with our contact us form within 5 days after the items have been received.  

Q. I received a defective item / different item to what I ordered.

A. We will issue an exchange or refund right away. Please contact us with our Contact Us form. In this case we will pay for all shipping costs as well. 

Q. When and how do I get my refund after shipping the products?

A. After inspecting the items that have been sent to us, we will issue a refund as soon as possible. For information on where the refund will be issued to, please take a look at our Shopping Guide page as the refund process is different depending on the method of payment that was used. 

Q. I would like to know if my return/exchange has been completed. 

A. After receiving the items, we will issue a refund or exchange right away. If you have not recieved an email from us within 7 days of sending the items, please Contact Us. If you are shipping internationally, depending on where you are it may take about 2 weeks for the items to be returned to us. 


Q. I did not recieve the items since I was not home at the time the package arrived. What should I do?  

A. We usually have the shipping companies keep the items in case customers are not at home when the package arrives. Please contact the shipping company using the absence form that they left in the post box. 

Q. Do you offer inernational shipping? 

A. Yes, we offer international shipping as well. 

Q.How much are shipping fees?

A. Shipping fees are 700yen (tax included) anywhere in Japan. With a purchase of 18,000yen or more, shipping becomes completely free. For international orders we charge a flat rate of 1500 yen. Please note that shipping fees may change depending on where the items are being shipped to. 

Q. How long does it take for the items to arrive? 

A. After the items have been ordered, it usually takes us about 2-3 business days to ship the items. Although we try our best to get the items to you as fast as possible, when we have a ton of orders at the same time, our shipping may be delayed. For our international customers, it takes about 2 weeks for our items to reach your destination.


Q. What size is free size?  

A. Usually about a size M. Although sizing fluctuates depending on the style and material so please always check the size charts that we provide with the items.